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Retreats In France is a sister website to Counselling In France and these terms and conditions apply to the group of websites which are part of Counselling In France Association 87/1382.

Retreats In France operates an online directory for residential and day retreats in France (hereinafter "Retreats In France" or "the website") These terms and conditions govern the relationship between Retreats In France and the group of sister websites and you as the user. They may be changed without prior notice at any time. By using this website, whether or not you make any engagement with any professional listed on the website, it means that you have understood and accepted these terms and conditions and read the disclaimer.

Retreats In France offers information and support for you, the user, and displays details of retreats in France who, as the service providers, advertise their services on their own page, the text and content of which is supplied by the retreat when they join the website. The service provider will at all times be the retreat and not Retreats In France. All of the retreats are employed, self-employed or have created an association in Spain and their practice is regulated by their respective regulatory bodies, not by Retreats In France. Any therapeutic contract will be formed between you and your chosen retreat and not with Retreats In France.

Retreats In France does not endorse and does not accept any responsibility or liability for the contents of websites referenced by an external link. The material available on this website is designed to provide general information only. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the information provided is accurate, it does not constitute legal or other professional advice. Retreats In France expressly excludes all responsibility and liability for the accuracy or otherwise of the website information and shall have no liability whatsoever in the event that a website user shall claim to be misinformed or suffer any loss or costs or hardship as a result of relying on or acting upon the therapy provided by the retreat. Any complaints about the practice of any retreat offering services on this or on any other of the group of websites should be directed to the retreat and/or their regulatory professional body.

Retreats In France shall specifically not be responsible for the accuracy or otherwise of the website information, the updating of it or the content in any way, which shall at all times remain the user's liability. Retreats In France shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss resulting from the information published on Retreats In France.

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Your use of this website or any of the group of websites and any dispute arising out of such use of the website is subject to European law.

Please satisfy yourself that the retreat that you are contacting has the correct qualifications to meet your needs - this is something that can be clarified at the assessment session before you start working together or before you meet. All the retreats on this website have stated that they have appropriate qualification to practise and are registered to work in France but you must confirm this for yourself as Retreats In France does not accept any responsibility or liability for the work status of any of the retreats represented on this site, nor their legal status, their provision of insurance and adequate supervision or of the efficacy of therapy of any of the retreats on this website. It remains the individual retreat's responsibility to be accountable to users and the French authorities and to truthfully state their qualifications and status to users and to work within the guidelines that all the retreats accept before applying to be represented on Retreats In France.

It also remains the users' responsibility to be satisfied with the retreat's qualifications and to be happy that the retreat that they are seeing is working legally and within the guidelines stated above.