Our cancer retreats run from April to October and we work with a team of highly experienced and trained therapists, teachers and chefs to create programmes which meet your needs on all levels.


Puyssentut welcomes any one who has or is recovering from cancer. It does not matter whether you have cancer for the first time, whether cancer has recurred, or whether you have been in remission for years, we have something to offer.

While we fully acknowledge the importance and effectiveness of standard medical treatments for cancer, we believe you can benefit enormously from some extra tender loving care and from being seen for yourself rather than as a patient. We hope that by supporting you in ways that complement traditional medical care we can help you to improve the effectiveness of your treatment and minimise the time spent in hospital; support you while you find your feet again after the treatment is over; and offer tools to help prevent the recurrence of cancer and live a fulfilled life.


Our Restore and Revitalise retreats offer you a relaxing and restful environment; delicious, nutritious food that helps to detoxify you, boost your immune system and aid recovery; and a daily programme of yoga, complementary treatments, talks, and meditation to help bring body, mind and emotions into balance.

At the end of your stay we hope you will leave feeling in better physical, emotional and mental health; more relaxed, confident and focussed; inspired about your life and clear about your priorities; and equipped with tools to live a healthy, stress free life.

Homps (Gers)
Telephone: 0033 562 60 08 63
Email:  info@puyssentut.org


Puyssentut is a non-profit business supported by the Puyssentut Foundation, a registered charity in the Netherlands. The Board of the Foundation, supports our work by providing grants to those on low incomes who would like to benefit from a stay at Puyssentut but need a bit of extra help.